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A Social Dilemma

A Social Dilemma

If to smoke is “ the deadliest artefact in human history,“ there is a second fact as well: “ To smoke is the Inalienable right of all free people“ runs a sentence powered by a sinister tobacco industry. Seven million people are estimated to die within a year from the effects of smoking.

Certainly, Descartes was right in stressing that „I exist, as long as I think.“ Equally, if I smoke, I will stop to exist.

Yet smoking enhances social communication but in order to enjoy life, smokers will be forced to fly into „the country, from whose bourn/ No traveller returns.‘ (Hamlet)

While smoking enhances mortal togetherness, Covid-19 turns out to be the ice that creates social distancing and eerie solitude. I am witnessing the increase of smokers due to the rise of the pandemic so I suppose there must be many people lost in utter solitude.

How to solve the dilemma? Stop smoking and hibernate? Or why not re-invent a poetic language for post-pandemic human readers?

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